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We laminate most of the fabrics using highly resistant fully covering laminations and dot laminations.


A uniform layer of acrylic adhesive enables to easily and quickly glue the fabric after being cut. It is applied with a press, even manual.


This treatment uses the Aloe Vera which gradually releases its active ingredients with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibiotic effects. It is a natural antibacterial and anti-smell agent, perfect for footwear linings.


This treatment is done by the impregnation of the whole fabric. As it avoids the bacterial proliferation, it acts as anti-smell. It is completely hypoallergenic and does not alter the hand and the aspect of the fabric.


Flameproof properties can be obtained on the fabric in different ways, according to the desired requirement. Lyliane Flameproof microfiber avails itself of a special productive process where the fireproof agent is applied within the fabric. This technology gives Lyliane an excellent fire resistance and self-extinguishing properties. Lyliane Suede Antiflame and the Lyliane Fire Project products fully comply with all the requirements of the ISO 15025 standards for safety clothing.


A wide range of available patterns, from the most geometrical and technical to the ones with a fashion look. It is also possible to customize the pattern, so that we can satisfy the requests of our clients in the best way.


It is a treatment done by dipping the fabric. The complete impregnation of the material grants, to all kinds of support, the best water repellency and water resistance. We grant the Zero Wicking requirement – Gore Standard Approved.
Eco-WR, the most recent version of this water repellent treatment, is fluoride free and it is available on request.


These two innovative technologies with a high-tech design and abrasion resistance can be implemented on the majority of fabrics. The high abrasion resistance of SkudoDot and the geometry and customization of SkudoNet inspire the special synergies between the support and the finishing.


It is applicable as a thin film on every kind of fabric substrate and it enables gluing using a hot press. It is extremely resistant, soft and uniform as regards thickness and resistance. Our R&D laboratory support is fundamental in defining optimal gluing conditions as regards temperature, pressure and time for every kind of fabric.


It is a special technology developed to obtain a 3D effect. It can be done only on stretch fabrics.