starts with us

Our history

Lorenzi was established in the Riviera del Brenta area in the mid-70s by selling products for footwear and leather goods.
Since footwear in Brenta was traditionally made of leather, the research and development of alternative materials have become our challenge.
2004 was a landmark in our history and gave rise to a new “energy” which represents Lyliane philosophy. Our focus was shifted towards the microfiber and we launched Lyliane Suede for the first time.
We are proud to have radically changed the world of leather goods in 2008: we created Lyliane MICROBASE.
Thanks to our efforts, the use of genuine leather has been drastically reduced and Lyliane MICROBASE became the key to meet all the needs of luxury bag producers. We became leader in our field in less than one year.
In the same period, driven by an increasing enthusiasm, we created the High Tech Research project.
The acronym HTR refers to the research and development of high performing materials suitable for each application. In a short time we also established ourselves as leader in safety footwear field and later in sports footwear as well.

Our team

Excellence is our passion. Our mission is the continuous innovation without setting ourselves any limits, trying to go beyond the impossible. These are our keys of success.
While considering experience as fundamental, we are strongly focused on young people in order to welcome every change and take a breath of fresh air. Recruitment is based on our values and people are continuously trained to be properly aligned with our corporate culture, even before considering competences.
The sense of responsibility to the client lies in our DNA and our aim is to anticipate his needs.
Our satisfaction comes from the results we achieve and we enjoy what we do.
We work hard, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.
We don’t sell just a product, it is our service that makes the difference.
Our people make the difference.

Our values

Humility, we don’t tolerate arrogance. We know there is always something to learn.
We consider our clients as partners.
We work with the greatest respect for people and we support the win-win approach. Our clients are considered as “sacred”.
We are demanding and strict with ourselves because we have a great responsibility towards our clients.
We always think about the future of our children and we care about the environment that surrounds us.
Passion is what gives us enthusiasm every day.
Curiosity moves the world”. This is the main characteristic we look for in people.
Creativity belongs to each one of us.