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HTR – High Tech Research

HTR comprehends those materials which satisfy the expectations of our technical and safety footwear clients.
This line of products is based on a strong research and development of innovative and multipurpose materials that are usually combined to Lyliane Microfiber.

The wide selection of highly performing polymers and fibers is Lorenzi strong point. Gomma CR, TPU, Ceramics and Kevlar are suitable for the realization of practical and highly resistant products.

HTR includes light, breathable, resistant and unalterable materials. All these qualities make them perfect to promptly meet all outdoor and sports footwear requirements and to offer the maximum comfort and protection also for safety shoes.

3DMX fabrics with tech textures

Customizable items with high abrasion resistance

Performace textiles

Rubber, silicone, TPU, water based PU

T-Tex technical fabrics and textiles

Reflective, Kevlar, Cordura and Neoprene