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An innovative chemical solution that provides an excellent performance performance in relation to abrasion resistance.
Two different technologies have been created to be applied to the surface of any textile support with a common purpose:to enhance the mechanical performances of materials and to confer a captivating hi-tech design in order to use them in the most extreme applications.
As it never completely covers the material surface, Skudo grants its appearance and allows that all its physical property, especially its breathability and elasticity, remain unaltered.

Skudo Dot

Skudo Dot great abrasion resistant material
Treatment done as a continuous operation.
Applicable in matt or transparent finishes.
It appears as points, which can be flat or slightly convex.

Skudo Net

It reproduces 3D effects with very high thicknesses also.
It can be produced only in panels whose maximum dimensions are 400 x 500 mm.


Lyliane SKUDO hangtag