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Lyliane microfiber is the perfect material to make products that can fully comply with all the requirements of the safety shoes standard EN ISO 20345.
Besides complying with S1 and S2 standards, Lyliane assures remarkable advantages even compared to genuine leather.
Lyliane does not distress and it maintains all of its properties over time.
Comparing with genuine leather at the same thickness, Lyliane is 30% lighter, but despite the lightness, it is provided with high mechanical strength.
Lyliane maintains its softness independently from temperature to which it is exposed, even with very cold-weather conditions.

Special Treatments

It is possible to provide every material also on a dyed base, maintaining all the characteristics.

The color card follows Pantone standard colors, internationally recognized both in textile and in fashion fields.
In addition to several combinations proposed in the catalogue, we can provide other thicknesses and colors on request, offering unlimited possibilities of customization.

Thicknesses 8121416182022

In addition to the available standards, it is possible to provide every kind of thickness according to the needs.
The thickness 08 cannot be certified according to S1 and S2 standards because its tear strength will not be enough high.

Lyliane Safety Pieno Fiore S1, S2
Lyliane Asfalto S1
Lyliane S-Mark S1,S2
Lyliane Safety Grana Vicenza S1, S2
Lyliane Safety Nubuck S1, S2
Lyliane Safety Dollaro S1
Lyliane Suede S1,S2
Lyliane Carbonio UPW
Lyliane Carbonio UPW Matt

Special items

In order to comply with the flame resistance test according to the FIA ISO 15025 standards for the automotive and safety clothing, we have developed the Fire Project line:
Lyliane Fire Project 1.0 FIA STANDARD APPROVED
Lyliane Fire Project 1.9 FIA STANDARD APPROVED
Lyliane Suede Anti-Static High Conductive Calzature ESD – conductive insole.