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Development aiming at innovative solutions.
This range of items includes all those materials suitable for high-tech products.


The ecological alternative to rubber. Light, strong and eco-friendly.


Enduring, elastic, shapeable and resistant to any type of impact.


100% silicone, with high elasticity and high temperature resistance.

Lyliane® Performance

Lyliane® Performance is the result of our research aiming to combine Lyliane® innate characteristics with different finishes that raise its technical features, always with a particular attention to the high-tech design.

Lyliane® Rubber

Extremely resistant to abrasion, oils and chemicals.


An ecological DMF-free finishing with a high abrasion resistance. Conceived for motorcycle boots upper, it can be used for any other technical field.

Lyliane® Soft Natural Taste

The ideal alternative to genuine leather for garments, perfectly matching our Natural Taste philosophy.

Lyliane® KNGR Soft

Soft, shapeable with a strong and high-tech design compared to the classic kangaroo texture. It is perfect for motorcycle race suits.

Lyliane® Race 1.0 Stretch

All Lyliane characteristics combined in a stretch version.

Lyliane® Vernice High Solid

PU patent finishing combined with Lyliane lightness and the highest abrasion resistance.
It is perfect for cycling shoes.

Lyliane® W15 series

The versatility of Lyliane PU finishing: the new collection of textures for the winter season.

Lyliane® Nubuck

The real nubuck finishing made on Lyliane microfiber.

Lyliane® lining traspirante

Durable, breathable and with an extremely high moisture management.