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Soulinside leather reinforcements

A bag is the combination of treatments and manipulations of various materials.
What makes the difference among products are these details: the productive details.
Reinforcements obtain an added value, from the background they became protagonists in high-quality products.

They give bags their precise identity: they are their spine, they support them and give them functionality and vitality.

From this philosophy we created “Soul Inside”.

Lyliane Microfibers

Lyliane Microbase
The innovative products which revolutionize the history of luxury leather goods.
Lyliane Suede
The microfiber par excellence.
Lyliane Strong
The reinforcement for straps and belts
Lyliane Strong Ultra
The durable reinforcement for straps and belts


The high quality non-woven fabric.
The pioneer of non-woven fabrics.
Fabrics and coagulated non-woven fabrics.
The soft non-woven fabric.

Multilayer extruded non-woven fabric slightly stiff.
Sandtex MG
It is mainly used as reinforcement to leather goods and it is smoother and stiffer than Sonnypell.


eFoam Soft
Expanded polyurethane, particularly elastic, soft and resistant.
Very soft and light rubber suitable for laminating fabrics such as Lycra.