Lyliane Strong Ultra
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Lyliane Strong Ultra

Lyliane® Strong Ultra is our new material thought for belts and straps’ construction.
It is available in two versions: the unbranded and the Dyneema® one. This composite material guarantees always very high performance in tensile resistance, overcoming the most severe tensile traction dynamometer tests, as the Shaking Impact.
The special UHMWPE fiber is 15 times more resistant than steel and 8 times lighter.
The peculiarity of this patent consists in the use of a very thin fiber as a support that, thanks to the Lyliane Microfiber® layers, doesn’t fray.
Lyliane Strong Ultra was made with the aim to maintain stable all the Lyliane®‘s properties.
The straps will be soft, lightweight and extremely resistant at the same time.


3dmx materiale da tomaia ad alta resistenza