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Lyliane microfibers

What is Lyliane

Lyliane is a microfiber made of nylon fibers whose average thickness is 0.03Den (600-700 times thinner than human hair).

The polyurethane applied by coagulation confers the microfiber a particular structure called “irregular island”, with very similar characteristics to those of genuine leather.
Compared to genuine leather Lyliane is not affected by aging and all its features are meant to be long-lasting.
Despite of being one third lighter than genuine leather, Lyliane has very high mechanical properties: outstanding tensile strength, tear resistance and flexing endurance.
It maintains its softness independently from the exposition to every temperature, even if in very cold climate conditions.
Lyliane has an high dimensional stability, it is breathable and water repellent at the same time.

60% more resistant than genuine leather

Lyliane Microfibre is more resistant than genuine leather

30% lighter than genuine leather

Lyliane microfiber is lighter than genuinle leather

Lyliane Microbase

Lyliane Microbase has been created as a support to genuine leather and as a base for polyurethane finishes.
Lyliane Microbase is highly appreciated as a reinforcement thanks to its full but always perfectly round hand.

Lyliane Suede

Lyliane Suede is the microfiber par excellence and it gives the best result when used at sight.
It is a well-refined material with a suede-like aspect and it is pleasant to touch.
Lyliane Suede stands out for its extreme softness.

Lyliane HTR

Lyliane HTR represents the whole line of technology excellence.
This line of products includes every item made on a Lyliane Microfiber base and they are conceived to have high performances.
Lyliane 3DMX
Lyliane Performance
Lyliane Safety
Lyliane Skudo

Lyliane Natural Taste

Lyliane Natural Taste is the line of products which best expresses the vegan-friendly concept of our Natural Taste philosophy.
Handcrafted manufacturing made with the most innovative leather tanning techniques applied to Lyliane Microfiber give the products a genuine natural taste.
They are extremely well-refined items conceived by a stylistic and performance research at the same time.
Lyliane Natural Taste is not the cheaper alternative to genuine leather but it is a choice of life.