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It represents the most innovative product which has revolutionized the history of luxury leather goods.

Lyliane Microbase has been created as a support for genuine leather and as a base for polyurethane finishes.
Lyliane Microbase has the same structure and mechanical strength as genuine leather, but it is 30% lighter.
It is mainly characterized by a perfectly round and full hand. It is stiffer than Lyliane Suede and it is perfect for those items that need more support.
Thanks to its exceptional pliability and versatility, wherever genuine leather couldn’t have the right consistency, it enables a wide range of shapes and products.

Furthermore, it is characterized by an
excellent color shade on edges and it is highly tearing resistant.
It is widely used also for shoulder bags and belts.
In footwear it is used as non-slip inner material and in a wide range of combinations of Lyliane HTR line.
The standard colors are white and black, but it can be dyed if needed.


Lyliane Microbase Piuma
An highly soft version with an extremely smooth surface, it is the best available product for lamination to refined leathers.

Lyliane Microbase H.B.
A particularly stiff version.

Lyliane Microbase STRONG
A reinforced version with a highly tearing resistant fabric. It is mainly used for shoulder bags, belts and every point where the maximum strength and dimensional stability are required.

Treatments and special applications

A softening treatment which makes the product even softer and more velvety.

More treatments
Thermo-Adhesive film, Adhesive film, Water repellent, Antibacterial, Punching, Stabilization

Special Applications
Lamination to fabrics: laminated to any kind of fabric, it gives them the perfect shape when used for shoes and leather goods.
Lamination to genuine leathers: laminated to the whole leather, it gives uniformity and makes it well-refined.
Lamination to precious leathers: laminated to viper, python and eel skins, it gives the perfect support for every kind of application.

Thicknesses 57913161821