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SafeXtreme® looks like a normal eco-leather, but is a material with a very soft touch and excellent grip.
In synergic relationship with the coating, Lyliane® substrate provides strength and comfort achieving a long lasting product along the years.
Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, SafeXtreme® always maintains a high abrasion resistance.
SafeXtreme®, thanks to its high salt water and UV rays resistance, is the ideal lining for outdoor furnishing especially for the nautical sector.
The premium quality of Lyliane® makes the product fitting any kind of shape with no wrinkles and imperfection. Its thermal control technology allows it to withstand temperatures ranging from -40 ° C to + 250 ° C without stiffening or cracking.
By its nature, SafeXtreme® is water-repellent, without the addition of fluorocarbon chemicals. Stain proof and easy to clean, it does not require any special care.
SafeXtreme® is fireproof, making its use suitable for automotive, aviation and all applications where protection against fire risk is essential.
Being free from allergens SafeXtreme® is skin friendly and can be used in the medical field or in very busy environments.