L’alternativa leggera ed ecologica alla gomma

Conceived as an ecological answer to the rubber used in top of the range footwear , eFoam® is an eclectic material that offers excellent performance in every application, beating all records where the ratio weight / abrasion resistance is a determining parameter.

eFoam® is an innovative material made with a technology that guarantees, in addition to rigorous mechanical performance, also a remarkable elasticity and flexibility . The particular blend and physical structure of eFoam® ensure that & nbsp; all the physical and flexibility properties of the material remain unchanged even in very harsh climatic conditions.

For this reason it is very versatile and can be used even in the points most subject to abrasion in any type of technical mountain equipment as well as any other extreme sport. Unlike rubber, eFoam® does not age over time, keeping all its original characteristics unchanged . During production, thanks to its elasticity, it adapts perfectly to each product and does not require any preliminary preparation. Used in the uppers it is perfectly compatible with direct sole injection. eFoam® is also available in different grits suitable for each technical item and which give the product a more captivating look.


Thanks to its very high abrasion resistance, eFoam® guarantees maximum protection over the years because it is not subject to aging.


eFoam® respects the environment as much as possible because it does not contain polluting substances for the environment such as DMF or PVC and can be disposed of by incineration.
eFoam® is a recyclable product.


eFoam® has the physical properties of a foam but with the mechanical strength of an extremely solid material. This makes it suitable for any type of application.
eFoam® can be produced in different finishes.


Durante la fase di applicazione del prodotto, eFoam® si modella perfettamente a qualsiasi forma.

Fino al 60% più leggero

eFoam Soft

It is a particular foam material with physical properties similar to a gel . Conceived as a support material in the world of leather goods, it uses the eclectic character typical of the eFoam class to be used in different areas.

It is the best alternative to any foam material where high elasticity, softness and resistance are required at the same time. eFoam® Soft does not contain solvents and is completely ecological and recyclable. It can also be used as an anti-shock material for the heel of the foot. It is workable in high frequency and thermoforming.

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