Film termoadesivi per accoppiature per pelletteria e calzatura

termoadhesive films


HiMelt® is the line of thermoadhesive films created for the industrial lamination (roll to roll) of multiple substrates in the textile field.
The ease of use and the speed of gluing mean that HiMelt® is widely used in the most varied combinations, especially where high productivity is required and in the absence of volatile chemicals.
HiMelt films can be activated with heat, ultrasound or high frequency. The melting of the polymer wets the substrates in contact producing a joint. Upon cooling, the polymer film solidifies again, creating a flexible bond, resistant and ready for use right away.
HiMelt® satisfies the most demanding performance requirements.
Thanks to the advanced extrusion technique, HiMelt is free of any defects and has a perfectly uniform thickness, even in a very few microns thick.
Easy, clean, seamless design. HiMelt eliminates the limits to creativity and design by making innovative applications possible.

L’intera linea HiMelt® è completamente esente da solventi.

Make your life easier with HiMelt®

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