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SA8000 certification

Our mission is based on essential values

It is obvious for Lorenzi identity and for its survival that client’s satisfaction has to be at the first place as well as a selection of clients that allows to the company a fast expansion.
In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to work in a place where the most important thing is to respect those who work hard to pursue it.
Not only a person, but the team.
In order to respect people, Lorenzi Company is concretely observing the standards of Social Responsibility SA8000 and commits to:
• fully comply all the requirements of this standard
• verify that this policy is spread and accepted by all the staff and by the involved people
• respect all national and international laws about human rights, how the staff is treated in the working place and general applicable norms
• not allow child labour even for short period of time
• not use forced labour
• guarantee a safety and healthy workplace

Any possible dissimilarities from the legislation could be advised at: or through the form segnalazione-sa8000.pdf